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п»їThe unabridged instructions to engaging a Phantom Race Caller

The thought behind the phantom race call is that you run a horse racing event using some existing pre-recorded events but using a live caller to call the real races as they come into view up on the screen. Obviously the races are not literally "live" as you would need all the horses at a race track or to be in front of the TV whilst a race was on. If this was the case you would most likely just listen to the authorized race caller rather than doing this yourself.

Assume that you are having a Xmas function or a school fundraiser and your subject matter is A Night at the Races. If you have your private phantom race caller you are able to customize the horse names and race names to suit your private needs and really add that personal touch to the experience. You could list all the races as your company products, school curriculum or business territories. You could even use the main boss’s names or the principal and teachers names on the race card. Most races these days are already backed by an outfit name so rather than hearing them call out Race number 1, race number 2 etc you get the sponsor’s name into the race details as every opportunity.

Once you have your list of race names it’s time to get even more original and have the individual horse names altered to embrace some separate personalities. When christening racehorses the routine rule is that the name must not be greater than 18 letters of a writing system. It must not consist of be vulgar words, it cannot be a figure or a hard to call word. Alliteration works very well as does having a sense of drama and being able to have a little laughter when making up the names - just don’t snub anyone.

The phantom race caller will need a list of all the names so that they can formulate a script and practice. If you have gone overboard with the names it may be confusing to announce them all when the race is run. The script for the races is based on formerly run (but not very well know) races, so there is often a timing matter with taking the race call right.

Now that you have your race names and horses named you just need a form guide with all this data for all your guests to see. Print out a copy of each customer and give them this in advance. The form manual should contain some pertinent knowledge about the races including, the race name and each sponsors. The names of the horses you have chosen, former 4 starts (form manual) and jockey colours (so that you can keep an eye on your horse in the crowd)

It’s now time to get the races in progress now that you have worked out all your arrangements. Make sure that your Phantom Race Caller has a microphone to call the races and that they can survey the partition to inspect the races whilst they read out the race calls. If you have planned added bookies to take wagers and arrange the payouts make sure they are on call at the completion of the race.

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